wish list for next title

i think at this stage majority have played and obviously finished the game. several topics have appeared what they have liked and disliked, what could have been done better and so forth.
to keep it a bit tidier and hopefully also more readable for the developers, i thought i start a wish list what we like to see or not see for the next title. so as changes.

so here are mine for the moment:

- keep solar fields for the great music
- keep the open world setting
- diversity of side missions (see witcher 3)
- more character development
- being able to go down to the streets and be among civilians
- civilians react to the actions of faith if being pushed away too often and Ksec gets alerted
- a "new game+" mode


  • Bird_Of_Faith
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    edited February 17
    I agree with your points, i would like to see:

    -more uses for the magrope
    -more areas to explore
    -different ways of executing a combat move
    -more combat moves
    -more story missions
    -access to skyscrapers in open world
    -larger side missions
    -more enemy types
    -more free running tricks/moves

    This all I could think of for the moment!!!
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